Sunday, July 09, 2017

Life moments

Im so lucky i have 4 beautiful children each eqiue on their own. Beth is a such a wonderful cheeky girl always on the go. Making us smile. Whether it's putting my purfume on or watching kids tv. She makes our family complete. So glad she came into our lives. Since she has our bond as a family it strong just like their sibling love. Wyatt is  full on with smile to get his way. He can be very difficult at times but then there is moments when he is so loving and happy well behaved. Cooking with us the other day or being very useful actually wanting to help. Mione is so very much emotional. She can change in a heartbeat. She was spoilted more as a toddler with her speech problems but she is strong person. Always trying to get her way. She has a strong personality. Sometimes very bitchy already has a additude. She never thinks before she speaks or acts. She wonderful at caring. Byron is a lazy unmotivated boy with additude. He is a smartarse like his father. He is well like boy at school wonderful student. Always helpful. All of them different but same sometimes. It's such a wonderful job to be their mama im so proud of my children. I love doing craft cooking watching movies dancing parks being apart of their school life listening too them having family cuddles tickle wars colouring. I'm so lucky that they came in mylife it has made me a better person. Loving them unconditionally has giving me meaning to being a mama. They are the reason i get up everyday. I have the most outstanding caring loving husband. He loves me no matter what i look like. He loves my bad habits. Im so lucky to have in mylife standing next to me. I'm so proud of him and our marriage. We strong together and everyday we try to make each other happy and give each other what we need. If feels like we have been together forever.

Only downside of mylife is huntington's disease and everything to it destroys in its wake. Life is too short.