Monday, February 17, 2014

mum family

In memory of our beautiful mother Sharon Leslie Bere-Streeter DOB:01/06/1962- DOD:13/08/2013
Shaz was a beloved
mother to 5 children,
Melissa woods,
Leanne hill,
Kelly Curless,
Jaime colley,
Benjamin Bere-Streeter
Nanny to 11 grandchildren
Crystal Hill
Makayla Bere-Streeter
Brandan Hill
Koby Hill
Ashton Bere-Streeter
Byron Colley
Hayden Woods
Hermione Colley
Grace Woods
Wyatt Colley
Typhoon Bere-Streeter
Mother- In law to 5
Lionel woods
Andrew Hill - separated lee
Daniel Curless
Timothy colley
Chontalle Anderssen

Daughter to Jim and Beth organ
Sister to Jennifer Berrier
Ex- wife to Barry Bere-Streeter
Aunty to 5
Mum was beloved mother and We will miss her dearly.
Thank you for bringing us into the world and being there for us.
You will never be forgotten and always in our hearts.
I don't know how we will live without you.
I will miss my weekly visits.
We all will make sure our children know who you were and how loved
you are(were). We are all glad you are at peace now.
There wasn't enough time with you on earth.
God be with you, Amen.

funeral pray

R.I.P mamma I love you always and forever. I will miss you always until we meet again with God.
Gracious God,
nothing in death or life,
nothing in the world as it is,
nothing in the world as it shall be,
nothing in all creation
can separate us from your love.
Jesus commended his spirit into your hands at his last hour....
Into those same hands we now commend your servant Sharon Leslie Bere-Streeter,
that dying to the world, and cleansed from sin,
death may be for her the gate to life
and to eternal fellowship with you;
through the same Jesus Christ, our lord. Amen.

barry bere-streeter

As I have already stated, another part of my past has now gone.
Sharon I hope you are now in peace in heaven.
We raised 5 beautiful kids, who at times tested us, but in the end they turned out ok.
I am so proud of them with what has happened.
So now you look over them from heaven and I will look over them down here.
Rest in Peace Sharon.

missing mum 9

It's just doesn't feel real... I wish we had more time but you would be proud of 5 children getting it together and giving you the best send away. I love you my beautiful mum.

missing mum 8

R.I.P our beautiful mother. I'm grateful I got too say goodbye. I miss you so much.
It hurts so bad, I would give anything to hear your voice or have a real cuddle from you again.
I don't know how I'm going to live my life without you. I wish we could have heard you speak
one more time and understand what your saying. You passed from our lives too early.
But you passed with your 5 children beside... your bed, just so sad your gone
forever. Your were loved as much as you loved us back. I already miss you.
It's just so unfair, at least your free now. You have the biggest smile no matter what.
Thinking of you always your daughter.

missing mum 7

I'm looking at things and they don't seem important. I don't feel interested in anything. It's like life goes on around me without mum but I don't want it too. I feel so sad...I want her back.

missimg mum 6

We hope to see you at mums funeral today 11am at st Luke's Anglican church then wake after at their hall. I can't believe it's happening. R.I.P mum love you. I know your pain free and at peace but it hurt so much. I wish you never had Huntingtons disease. You were an amazing mumma and nanny. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.

missimg mum 5

my heart is so heavy, I don't have any spark left in me. I miss you so much mummy. I still can't believe your gone. I thought about making a cheesecake for you and than remembered you weren't here. I feel so guilty for not being there for you for last 6 weeks and for not knowing what was going on with you. I talked to all day but it's doesn't feel real. I'm so grateful for all the times I did come out to see you and make your room so beautiful. I was going to Iluka to do your project and now I will be doing for your loved ones that you left behind. I can't understand why u had to leave us. missing you always jay with empty heart.

missimg mum4

mummy, We raised $1802 for Huntington's Queensland. We got to see you on video at the high tea. You were walking and playing, I miss you every single day. I miss seeing you every week. I miss bringing you sweets every visit. I miss reading to you. I'm hurting so much but I knew you would want me to keep going with the high tea, so I did. Most of your children were their in your memory. I miss our time, even if I couldn't understand you and can't remember your voice. I love you forever and always, jay(3

missing mum 3

I was doing my invites up and looking for things and these winnie the pooh pictures showed up. I put these up to remember mum and we will miss her at our annual Halloween Bbq/party, which she was going to play the grandmother out of the Addams family with my family. I will love you always mum and never forget you.

missing mum 2

I feel really guilty and sad today. Woke up and thought of mum straight away and thought what have I done. I wish I didn't choose my choice with regards to mum. guilty because I wasn't there for mum when she needed me. guilt over not seeing her weight lose like to should have, I did ask for a dietician but it never came and now I have no mum and I feel sad like nothing else matters. I can stand to live the rest of my life without my beautiful mother. I can't remember her voice and want to hear it again so badly. Crying again, It's my fault she was in hospital and died because I didn't see her for 6 weeks prier to her being in hospital. I miss her so much and tell my kids that all the time but they never say anything back to me. Life sucks without mum and our visits to see her weekly or more. Always in my heart mum love jay your loser daughter

missing mum

Mum is hurts so much. I miss our visits. I miss feeding and caring for you. I miss readind DS books to you. I miss your cuddles. I miss the olds going to bingo, drinking lots of coffee n smoking up a storm, i miss playing card games with you, i miss our time in sydney n having so much fun. I miss you so much. I miss going out n bitching to you about my problems n you listening or smiling like you know what i was talking about. I miss having you around. I will miss you at Halloween, Christmas, my 30th birthday, easter, kids grandparent day at school, at tim n mine vowel renewals, watching Hermione dance concert, watching my kids grow up n say how proud you are of them, it won't be the same without you my beautiful mother. You were my light. I miss not being able to celebrating things with you. Your always loved n never forgotten. Love always your failure daughter. Xoxox


Omg you know it just came to me that we didn't hear from some people when mum died. Didn't came to her funeral or write anything caring about mum. I guess we know who really cared about mum n who truly love her n is sad she left this world. Mum was there when she could for so many but not many were there for her. shame on you if that was you n you know who you are shame on you. RIP mum


missing you so much mum Christmas is so hard without you and we haven't gotten through Christmas day

makka birthday 2013

I have been making a chocolate cake for Makka Pearl bday and you would have loved it. I'm getting dressed for the party n was thinking about her birthday last year and about you.. you were there and now your not. My heart is aching for you I miss you more than words can say. Life isn't the same without you. It's not fair that you were taken from us. Thinking about you all the time. Love your lonely daughter.

broken heart

I had a nanna nap today and I dreamt about mum and felt so empty. so much pain I woke up and started to cry. I miss mum so much it hurts. I want my mumma back. My life isn't the same without her, life goes on but how do  I go on without her. I don't know what I want anymore. I keep distracting myself with things trying to sort what I want but feel empty and lost without  mum. I keep getting sick, so I have time to think. I think I need to take time out and think about myself and my family. I don't spend a lot of time with my kids, that is the first thing to change. My house is getting painted and organized. scouts is wonderful and finally have friends. but I feel unimportant with some people and that needs fixing.

Monday, February 03, 2014


hey everyone,
Sorry i haven't been activate since mum death, i was running from it keeping myself busy. which failed on Friday and i have been lost ever since. i have wrote some things on my facebook page please her memory facebook page, so i will be copying them and posting them on here. i do apologize if they aren't in order.
regards jaime

Huntington's Disease Awareness video 1 by jaime colley

edited by: kelly curless

huntington's Disease Awareness video2 by Jaime Colley

edited by: Kelly curless

video from hightea to honour my mother

mum living withhuntington's disease