Monday, February 17, 2014

mum family

In memory of our beautiful mother Sharon Leslie Bere-Streeter DOB:01/06/1962- DOD:13/08/2013
Shaz was a beloved
mother to 5 children,
Melissa woods,
Leanne hill,
Kelly Curless,
Jaime colley,
Benjamin Bere-Streeter
Nanny to 11 grandchildren
Crystal Hill
Makayla Bere-Streeter
Brandan Hill
Koby Hill
Ashton Bere-Streeter
Byron Colley
Hayden Woods
Hermione Colley
Grace Woods
Wyatt Colley
Typhoon Bere-Streeter
Mother- In law to 5
Lionel woods
Andrew Hill - separated lee
Daniel Curless
Timothy colley
Chontalle Anderssen

Daughter to Jim and Beth organ
Sister to Jennifer Berrier
Ex- wife to Barry Bere-Streeter
Aunty to 5
Mum was beloved mother and We will miss her dearly.
Thank you for bringing us into the world and being there for us.
You will never be forgotten and always in our hearts.
I don't know how we will live without you.
I will miss my weekly visits.
We all will make sure our children know who you were and how loved
you are(were). We are all glad you are at peace now.
There wasn't enough time with you on earth.
God be with you, Amen.