Monday, February 17, 2014

missing mum

Mum is hurts so much. I miss our visits. I miss feeding and caring for you. I miss readind DS books to you. I miss your cuddles. I miss the olds going to bingo, drinking lots of coffee n smoking up a storm, i miss playing card games with you, i miss our time in sydney n having so much fun. I miss you so much. I miss going out n bitching to you about my problems n you listening or smiling like you know what i was talking about. I miss having you around. I will miss you at Halloween, Christmas, my 30th birthday, easter, kids grandparent day at school, at tim n mine vowel renewals, watching Hermione dance concert, watching my kids grow up n say how proud you are of them, it won't be the same without you my beautiful mother. You were my light. I miss not being able to celebrating things with you. Your always loved n never forgotten. Love always your failure daughter. Xoxox