Monday, April 03, 2017

Australian government needs to wake up and help us hd families

Hd is slowly killing my brain. Sometimes hours are good but not many. I have 4 different kinds of days. Moods
1. Peachy happy can do anything( doesn't happen very often)
2. Ok but don't want too deal with the world. But will do what i have too.
3. Not ok can't deal with anything at all
4. Dark days happen often nothing is good. All i have bad thoughts. No hope and can't see myself. No control over my actions. My world is ripped apart.
My depression is a horrible thing. I have tried so many different depression tablets over the years. Just before i got pregnant with annabeth i was happy and on a tablet. I have stayed on that tablet for 3 years upping the dosage until i hit the max. It makes me really tired and doesn't help with my depression at all. Its not working and im too scared to go through all the crap to find another one so i stayed on it. I have no hope with depression tablets because I have had so much bad luck with them over the last 12+years. I wish i could try cannabis oil like my American hd family's. It really sucks seeing all these new aids to help us hd people but not being able to access them.  I really hate for my kids to see me in these moods and hate snappy at my family. Yes iam cranky and can't help it. But remember when im cranky i don't mean to be. I love my family heaps. Hd isn't just killing me brain it's killing my relationships with my loved ones.
Huntington's disease awareness is so important and maybe one day the Australian government will catch up and realize we need to able to try new drugs to help us copy with this horrible fucking disease. My mum died at 51 years my aunty died at 49years. Their mum died around the same age. Please help the thousands of families with hd. Share make hd awareness and let them fully understand what we go through everyday.  Everyday that we don't have new drugs to help us copy with our daily lives they are distroying families. It's our right as human beings to deside what we what to try in our lives not the governments.