Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do you live near your loved one who are sick? i would love to know what you think!!!!!

Feeling really sad deep inside right now, I was thinking about people who aren't living close to there loved ones especially loved ones who are sick or slowly dieing. I couldn't imagine not being close to my mother or living to far away or not being there for her or not visiting when I can. I feel really sad when I think of myself when I'm going through symptoms of HD and living in care and not having my loved ones there for me. And not visiting or caring enough for me to want to visit or do nice things for me.

Is this just me?
 or is there anyone out there that loves someone who is sick but doesn't live near them?
why don't you live near your loved ones?
why don't you live near your loved ones?
why do i feel anothers aren't there for my mum?
is it because i different from them? or I put mum's needs ahead of my own? or is it just because I'm special?

I really don't know why, so i would love to hear your comments/emails/thoughts on the subject.