Saturday, June 29, 2013

How can 1 person stand up for a cause by themself? please help me

I'm so frustrated and angry with people not helping me. I'm being made to feel worthless( by a staff member at Huntington's Qld) and not wanted, like I'm the only one fighting for this disease and Huntington's Qld. I'm trying to save Huntington's Qld from closing because of lack of funding and what funding they are apply for might be given to another charity. Not many Australian know about Huntington's Disease and Government don't think we are worth giving funding to. I have to watch my mum suffer with all the symptom's of HD and I would have killed myself just after I found out I had Huntington's Disease, if it wasn't for Huntington's Qld. Christine saved my life and helped my through all of the shit you go through when you find out you have Huntington's Disease. Without Huntington's Qld my children will have no one to help them, when it's time to get themselves tested. And will be in the dark about Huntington's Disease while growing up and watching me going through the symptom's of Huntington's Disease. ??Huntington's Qld has help my family and mum in so many ways over the years. Even 1 of the workers remember my grandmother, who died when I was little. I didn't know my grandmother and all the info I have about her didn't make up for not knowing her but talking to that 1 person about my grandmother was amazing. Huntington's Qld has to open to help all the generations to come with Huntington's Disease or watching someone they love go through the symptoms of Huntington's Disease.
No is no cure for Huntington's Disease, so please help me with my mission to make the Australian aware of Huntington's Disease and what the people with it goes through and their loved one and their carers.
I need to stand up and help others people with Huntington's Qld, so they are not in the dark about Huntington's Disease.

It doesn't feel good having a panic attack about Huntington's Qld shutting their doors. We all need to help them keep their doors open. Being members and paying the membership fee $20 single or $30 family will help keep their doors open because the more members they have the better chance they will get funding. I have put the membership form to download on my facebook page Huntington's Dis AC. If you would like a membership form, I will print and send you one.


regards jaime