Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jaime Colley stands up for Huntington's Disease Awareness do you?

hey to all,
I hope you all had a good day, I've been very busy and didn't get much sleep last night because I was so happy and excited. I still can't believe that the man in Germany picked up my story and delivered to all the hd association's all around the world. We are talk millions of people seeing my story. And the man from the USA going to put my story on a website with a photo in Sept. I'm so over the moon and still haven't grasped the full concept. I understand my reason to live is to make the world aware of hd and help fundraiser. I hope their are more people like me out there ready to help fund raise for hd and organize events for awareness. We need awareness to find a cure. I really need to make sure their is hope for my children and all my beautiful nieces and nephews. I have finally seen my path and what I'm meant to with my live. I was always ashamed for not achieving anything in my life but god was just giving me the strength and making sure I was ready before I undertake such a mission.
Having depression and Hd is not going to stop me because I need to make my life count for something and make my kids proud of me. I'm standing up and using my voice to make sure I use it before it is gone. This generation needs to stand up with me and make it count.

I'm Jaime Colley and I'm standing up and saying I have Huntington's Disease and I'm fighting for a cause close to me heart. Will you stand up with and spread my message to everyone you know.
Huntington's Disease is terriable disease and needs to be stopped. So pass the message along and the world will follow.