Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Why I'm always moody will maybe because i have depression and its the same with the rest of my family are really moody. It's because of depression or because of early symptoms of HD or could it be genetic. I don't understand why I'm moody but I do know I don't choose it or want to be or to be rude. I have many different feelings are have a lot of different moods, I can't help it. It's who I am and I have to live with it, so should the ones I love. And they should understand I can't help.

I have been moody for so long I don't know when it started. It's just like the stubbornest from my father It's within me. I have very different moods like irritable, times when I can't stand to be near anyone, mental breakdowns times, exhausted, cranky, snappy, panic , anxiety, caring, loving, funny,
go getting moments, brave moments, the list could go on but the point is the same. I'm a very moody person and the ones I love should know and understand that this is me so except it.