Wednesday, May 08, 2013

my visit with mum

I went out to mum's today for exercise class and it was so great. Mum was like a little kid again and  hitting the ball, so it stayed on the parachute. At the end she was throwing the ball to me. She has a strong arm. Being there was so much fun, I going to go again soon.

Talking to mum as I always do but today it was like she know what I was saying and gave me a smile, a couple of words and a shock look. I was like she was responding to what I was saying. It was amazing, I haven't feel like that in awhile. I love my so much it was like she was just another of my children. I stroked her hair, comforted her and played with her.

While I was there i saw her finger nails were long so I asked if she wanted me to cut them. I was cutting them and then started filing them and she said 'pain', so i stopped. I saw her thumb and it was yukky big spot were the skin has came off. They staff hadn't even noticed it, but once I told them about it they said they were going to dress it within 30 mins. So I will check on it tomorrow morning when I go back.
It feels like I live there this week, 5 visits this week. So much on this week it's great being busy but I'm getting a bit tired. We need a new bed lol, ours is lumpy and hard.
I have nearly finished mum's family tree this week just missing two people. I went to print them up and they weren't on the card. So I will get them done.

I will be adding more photo's now.
mum's thumb-

Mum's family tree and a photo of the poster photo board I made-

Photo's of mum is she beautiful-

kids and I in mum area today-

good night to all