Friday, May 10, 2013

mum's visit today

I had a backup care plan meeting today and it went well, feeling much better about everything. I'm so stoked about them letting my put hd qld raffle tickets out there. So everything is okay but still waiting for some answers.

So after the meeting, I went down to visit with mum. She was half naked, just went to toilet and couldn't put her pants back on. So I helped her put her pants on.
I told her about mother's day and Told her about my meeting and showed her the visitor book and communication book. one of the staff put some pictures of recent events in it for me and I saw a different side of mum. mum has the most beautiful natural smile ever. She was holding animals and cuddling them. It was so great to see.
Then Tim and the kids came and told me my sister was looking for me and it was my fathers birthday. I had forgotten my father's bday, which is very unusually because I do birthdays to the max. So I was desaturated and need to go and say happy birthday to the best dad in the world. I knew it was a short visit with mum but I felt so guilty. I couldn't think about anything else except what a bad daughter I was. So I told mum we were going and she broke down and was trying to say something to me and I couldn't understand what she wanted. She was crying and I couldn't understand it was so bad. So I asked her to show me what she wanted. She got of the bed and grab the Danielle Steele book i read to her. So I read her a couple pages of the book and then said goodbye, I will see her for mother's day.
So hard when she cries but I guess she just needed me to read to her. I love her so much.