Tuesday, May 28, 2013

my visit with mum yesterday

Went out later in the afternoon to see mum yesterday. When walking in the front door I ran into Staff that know and Had a good chat with them about mum and They have seen the spark in mum lately too. They were talking about the petting zoo that came out to bupa and how mum sit there so content and didn't want to give the sheep back. Mum couldn't stop smiling. The hatching chicks arrived yesterday, so mum will get to see them today. And they were also telling me about mum making a hat for mad hatters day on Thursday at 11am. So I will be attending mad hatters day and get to see the chicks/chick eggs. The kids are going to be so happy. I can't wait to see mum's face.

I saw all the clothes bupa bought for mum last week and they are great. She is so skinny and bony.
I told her everything that was going on and then read to her. She wants chocolate for her birthday again. I have been thinking about some food that she could eat and I could leave them in jars so she can eat whenever she likes. Mum's 51st birthday is on Saturday, so I will add a little extra to her treats. It's so sad to think she is only 51 soon, In the body of a 90 year old (so to speak). I will have some photos of my next visit, (no batteriers for the camera yesterday). So i will buy some tomorrow and be ready for thusday visit.

Life is too short, hug your loved ones and tell them you love them before it's to late.