Thursday, May 30, 2013

My visit with mum today

Went out for Mad Hatters day at bupa today. It was crazy with all the different hats and to see all the different people. The staff put on a great show and got right into it. It was so exciting and fun. They were dancing and singing. Byron even got up from his sit and did the chicken dance. Everyone had hot dogs for lunch. But mum had her usual lunch which I feed her and an extra helping of cheesecake lol. Mum had a great time. It was great to see the staff like that and I picked up on some things which were great to know. Can't wait for the next crazy themed event.

When the mad hatters was over, I told the kids to wait near the chicks while I helped mum to her walker. We saw the chicks and had cuddles and I rubbed the chicks against mum's cheek and she loved it. Mum was really good at holding the chicks and eased up when I told her too. Mum is really strong and doesn't know her own strength. 1 of the eggs was starting to hatch, so there will be other chick tomorrow. It was great Wyatt finally touched one and even gave it a kiss.

Then I took mum back to her room, checked the visitors book and wrote in it and then read to mum. She was moving a lot today and didn't really settle like normal, when I read too her.

I was so exhausted from the visit with mum, I had to come home and sleep, (Which I did all afternoon).

thank you for reading my blog