Friday, May 03, 2013

people's judgement and why it hurts

You know what ignores me is when people judge me and all my family. We didn't have the best up bringing but our parents did try their best. We have tired hard to keep jobs and make something of ourselves but it's hard when you have depression/anxiety/panic attacks.It's hard enough to get up everyday and look after your kids and keep a job and take care of your husband plus deal with everything that is going on with mum and watching her a wondering what is going to happen next. Are we going to be like mum. What's going to happen to our kids. Since I could remember I was told that I was going to look ever mum and that my sisters have Hd but I never understood it, only realised something bad was going on. I wish i understood HD and had seen it for myself so I could be better prepared for it now and made different choices in my life. This is why I  have started my mission to make the world aware of HD and with my blog maybe others will understand it's not easy life with or around people with HD.

If you know someone that has Hd or something else, don't judge them or look down on them or call them good for nothing. Because people who don't have HD or have a loved one with HD has no clue what we go through from an early stage of life. Your shale not judge us because we are special and need care/loving not judgement or stupid comments. The thing that upsets me the most is this person is extended family (not blood).

I do wish with all my might to own a house so my kids will always have a stable home and to make sure they never have all the problems we have. But it will never happen and I don't know if I will be here to help them. Each person with HD is affected differently and I could be worst then my mum. She won't even know us soon enough. All I want to have a stable home for my kids, so when I'm sick or have HD symptoms I won't have to worry about them. I want the years I spend with them to matter.