Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My visit with mum today

Went out to see about the new doctor program they are going to start out there within 2 months. It sounds really good but If cause I'm worried that the doctor will know a lot about HD. So the gp will be able to treat mum the best. But apart from that it really sounds good and more hands on then they have now. Bupa has got it going in some other aged care facility in australia, So it should be good. If it turns out like it should with problems, I'm going to like it. There will be a meeting with 2 months to meet the new gp and then I will be happy to talk to the GP and see what the GP is like.

After the meeting we went down to visit with mum and we bought her a cake for mother's Day and bought her chocolates and i put over 1000 photo in her digital photo frame. She loved the cake, it was so moist.
We had to the family tree today- dob's for some family.

Then we did little clean of her room, then I read to mum and the kids played outside the room. Then I wrote in her visitor book.

It was a good visit, cheers Jaime